Anonymous said: Can you talk more about Robin Hobb and what a good reading order would be?


YES lmao I had answered this question so many times and yet don’t have any answer in my hobb tag
Just going to mention - I’m going to talk only about The Realm of the Elderlings series. Robin Hobb, under this name, also wrote Soldier Son Trilogy, and under other names even more books but idk idk going to talk about RotE only.)
so generally the chronological order goes like this:

  1. Farseer Trilogy (set in Six Duchies)
  2. Liveship Traders Trilogy (set in Bingtown & Rain Wilds)
  3. Tawny Man Trilogy (Six Duchies)
  4. Rain Wilds Chronicles (Bingtown & Rain Wilds)
  5. Fitz and The Fool Trilogy (Six Duchies)

So the thing it, all books set in one country are connected by plot and characters (that is, all trilogies set in Six Duchies tell the story about Fitz and the Fool; some main characters in Liveship Traders are also present in Rain Wilds Chronicles) and obviously all books are connected by the general plot (the return of dragons & elderlings) but aren’t connected by characters (except for spoiler oops) so the thing is! The ideal order of reading is obviously the chronological one but it’d also be ok (by ‘ok’ I mean that you won’t get confused by the events) to start with Liveship Traders rather than Farseer; or to start with Farseer but read Tawny Man right after (oh it’s very tempting, you see, because you always want more of the Fool)

Other than that Robin Hobb wrote some stories and novels set in RotE, but with different set of characters, and I recommend reading them the last:

The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince - set in Six Duchies, Farseer Prequel
Homecoming - about how Rain Wilds was founded, chronologically around Liveship Traders
The Inheritance - set in Bingtown, chronologically around Liveship Traders
Cat’s Meat - set in Six Duchies/Buck Duchy, chronologically around Farseer? idk
Blue Boots - set in Six Duchies/Buck Duchy
Words Like Coins - set in Six Duchies but I know nothing other than that

Anonymous said: A CUTE ROBOT WITH PALETTE #49 PLEASE? :3

A robot who wears sweaters so they can hug people without poking them with their sharp edges!

(Sorry this took so long, work happened, but hey, still taking requests for this!) 

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honestly i hardly remember what u look like but i’m like 87 percent sure it was kind of like this

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Better/ complete inquisitor concept! He’s supposed to look a bit androgynous. I’ve decided on Keto’aban for a name. Inquisitor Keto, angry ex-saarebas blood mage. 
I’m pretty happy with this design, but I might still tweak it a bit.

EDIT: Bluh, the fullview actually stretches it too big and blurs it a bit? Open image in new tab to view it at the intended resolution. -_-
Qunquisitor concept! 
Probably gonna name him Ketohedan, trying to make him look frail for a qunari (but large & muscular compared to a human.)
Also a blood mage.