Nameless moth OC reference sheet, which I had at 90% done for about a month because I was procrastinating on redrawing the feet.
He’s a moon spirit who lives in a monastery with friend/ adoptive little sister who is a young mute priestess who is the only one who can understand what he says.
And here’s Dorian, mustache and all. His hair is longer than it is in my ref because oops. I’m pretty happy with how his portrait turned out, though.
(Josephine is probably next in line!)
Here is Iron Bull! Yeah, I’m determined to go through with what I said earlier and make portraits of all the companions.
I accidentally stayed up until 4AM finishing this so I really hope his eyepatch isn’t on the wrong side or anything.
I think I’m going to make portraits of every DA:I companion.
Here’s Sera!
razairazerci said: They don't have 17 so 2 + 15.

2, check.

15, I’ll answer in several parts because there’s a lot of companions.

Sera thinks Ashe needs to learn to have some fun. He does not want to have fun. He wants to make tea and read a book.

He doesn’t have time for that, so he yells at everyone instead.


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  1. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
  2. A Perfect Nightmare by John Saul
  3. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories by Tim Burton
  4. Forever Fifty and Other Negotiations by Judith Viorst
  5. Suffer the Children by John Saul
  6. Nathaniel by John Saul
  7. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
  8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
  9. Watchmen by Alan Moore
  10. A clockwork orange by Anthony Burgess

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  • Fool’s Fate (Robin Hobb)
  • Abarat (Clive Barker)
  • The Left Hand of Darkness (Ursula K LeGuin)
  • The Last of the Really Great Wangdoodles (Julie Andrews Edwards)
  • Nabari no Ou (Yuhki Katamani)
  • Warbreaker (Brandon Sanderson)
  • Ptolemy’s Gate (Jonathan Stroud)
  • The Subtle Knife (Philip Pullman)
  • Inkheart (Cornelia Funke)
  • Fragile Things (Neil Gaiman)

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Here’s 2: What are some of their unique quirks, if any?
Ashe is usually too proud (or embarrassed) to ask others questions if he thinks he should know the answer.
For example, he doesn’t know how human body hair works, and refuses to ask anyone why they have hair on their faces.
So Ashe has asked Blackwall to wash his face several times and make himself presentable. Somehow, the beard is not washing off. 
(I’ll answer 15 tomorrow or the day after.)


more Inquisitor questions:

  1. Do they have any habits (good or bad)?
  2. What are some of their unique quirks, if any?
  3. Does your Inquisitor have any serious phobias? What caused them?
  4. How do they handle their alcohol (if at all)?
  5. What sort of temper do they have?
  6. How do they feel about magic?
  7. What’s something that would set your Inquisitor off into a rage?
  8. Do they prefer warm weather or cold?
  9. What are their hands like (warm, calloused, clammy, etc.)?
  10. Do they have any musical talents?
  11. How well does your Inquisitor build new relationships?
  12. If at the Keep/Skyhold, where would they likely spend most of their time?
  13. Are they religious at all?
  14. Is your Inquisitor more of a night or day person?
  15. Briefly describe their relationship with each of the companions

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