khroma said: ✍ me lol


honestly i hardly remember what u look like but i’m like 87 percent sure it was kind of like this

I’m laughing this is accurate thank you 10/10

Better/ complete inquisitor concept! He’s supposed to look a bit androgynous. I’ve decided on Keto’aban for a name. Inquisitor Keto, angry ex-saarebas blood mage. 
I’m pretty happy with this design, but I might still tweak it a bit.

EDIT: Bluh, the fullview actually stretches it too big and blurs it a bit? Open image in new tab to view it at the intended resolution. -_-
Qunquisitor concept! 
Probably gonna name him Ketohedan, trying to make him look frail for a qunari (but large & muscular compared to a human.)
Also a blood mage.
wagnetic said: Sea otters holding hands, 58?

Okay, their feet are a bit off, but I tried.


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Well, deleted that post, it was too incoherent, but anon get back to me if you want to further the discussion.

tl;dr though: anon is right & I had poor word choice.